Footpath Fauna @ TACIT

By |3rd Nov, 2017|

Embedded in urban footpaths and trampled by a torrent of townsfolk, fossilised organisms lay dormant. Liberated they seek 3-dimensional destinies.

Footpath Fauna Artworks

2017 Winter E-News

By |20th Aug, 2017|

Exhibition @ Tacit Contemporary Art

By |2nd Oct, 2016|

This exhibition continues the theme of juxtaposing nature-made with human-made.  From bees to blokes and parrots to panty-hose.  The 12 artworks are multi-plate, photopolymer etchings spanning social commentary to pure nonsense […]

Human Nature III – Spring 2016

By |23rd Aug, 2016|

I’ve just finished the final work for my next exhibition at TACIT Contemporary Art in October.  The exhibition’s working title is Human Nature III: Multitudes and is the third in the series of […]

Obscure Camera – Winter 2016

By |5th Jun, 2016|

Tim Bateson of TACIT Contemporary Art invited me to participate in a group exhibition. The brief was to create some new work that references photography but for which the camera’s role […]

Autumn 2016 – Works In Progress

By |28th Mar, 2016|

I’ve decided to put Invisible Cities on the back burner for now… to allow for a bit more gestation.  In the meantime, I’m delving back into the world of abstraction […]

Editions 2016 – Final

By |14th Feb, 2016|

Editions is Tacit Contemporary Art’s annual survey of current trends in printmaking.  Three of my photogravure artworks were selected by Tacit for Editions 2016.

Years ago, my brother–knowing my fascination with cities–gave me […]

Editions 2016 – Encore

By |8th Feb, 2016|

Tacit Contemporary Art’s annual survey of Victorian printmaking opens this week.  Here is the second of my three etchings that join the work of 43 other artists.

Luminous Ink 2015

By |1st Nov, 2015|

I was privileged to curate an exhibition of seven photographers working in the medium of photogravure.  The wide range of subject matter spanned the spectrum from natural history to the abstract; […]

Editions 2015

By |4th Feb, 2015|

These four of my photogravure artworks were selected by Tacit Contemporary Art for Editions 2015, their annual survey exhibition of contemporary printmaking.  This wonderful show of work by 35 artists […]