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Exhibition @ Tacit Contemporary Art

By |2nd Oct, 2016|

This exhibition continues the theme of juxtaposing nature-made with human-made.  From bees to blokes and parrots to panty-hose.  The 12 artworks are multi-plate, photopolymer etchings spanning social commentary to pure nonsense […]

Human Nature III – Spring 2016

By |23rd Aug, 2016|

I’ve just finished the final work for my next exhibition at TACIT Contemporary Art in October.  The exhibition’s working title is Human Nature III: Multitudes and is the third in the series of […]

Autumn 2016 – Works In Progress

By |28th Mar, 2016|

I’ve decided to put Invisible Cities on the back burner for now… to allow for a bit more gestation.  In the meantime, I’m delving back into the world of abstraction […]

Human Nature II 2015

By |1st Sep, 2015|

My June 2014 exhibition Déjà-Views at Tacit Contemporary Art featured photogravure reproductions of the ‘greatest hits’ from past photographic shows. Déjà-Views was the first plateau in the ascent from photograph-to-etching-press […]