Project Description

Image Fragments from Humans and Nature

My exhibition Déjà-Views  featured photogravure reproductions of the ‘greatest hits’ from past photographic shows. Déjà-Views was the first plateau in the ascent from photograph-to-etching-press, to borrow a phrase from Master Photogravurist Silvi Glattauer.

Since then, I’ve been experimenting with this marvellous medium, assembling image fragments of objects created by Humans or found in Nature.

From Cairns Paperbarks and votive candles à Notre-Dame de Paris; New Zealand’s Punakaiki Rocks and Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof; Sydney’s public transport furniture and Xanthorrhoea from Wilson’s Prom; Brisbane rubbish bins and the window view from QF10; the juxtapositions are an inadvertent travelogue…

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