Project Description

Scapes of Concrete, Steel, Light and Imagination

This work is documentary in that it observes and records a place and processes in time, albeit quite deliberately without the actors whose absence is palpable. In another sense the work is a kind of anticipatory archaeology, revealing what will soon be obliterated, buried in concrete. These images of a Melbourne hospital building site are also quite beautiful, most of them work wonderfully as highly formal abstractions revealing the photographer’s awareness of and allegiances to modern visual culture.

What makes Peter Garnick’s images in this exhibition outstanding however is not their success as either documentary or abstraction. It is his acute sensibility and control of his chosen medium. These scapes of concrete, steel, light, and imagination are quite literally luminous. They are luminous and astonishing because of the artist’s ability to look through the viewfinder and make his exposures while calculating that the printed image which will hang on the gallery wall can express space and light so as to achieve a small wonder. (Julian Bowron, Director, Mildura Regional Gallery, 2008)

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