The Wrap

The tube of etching ink labelled 2017 is tightly rolled up and the final dollop was squeezed out today.  The spent ink produced a rewarding 12 months, from Tacit Contemporary Art's Editions in February to the Geelong Gallery Prize mid-year, and then the culmination in the October double-exhibition at Tacit of Elements and Footpath Fauna.

2018 will be another Tacit Sandwich, with the Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop residency as the filling.  It's coming up on four years since the epiphany that was my first foray into photogravure at a workshop led by the miraculous Silvi Glattauer. 12 exhibitions later--and to take fullest advantage of the Queenscliff residency--I have decided to push the boundaries of my print practice.  

For the past few months I've been 'building my chops' in the genre of collagraphy.  Five of my new collagraphic prints have been selected for Tacit Art's annual survey of printmaking in February. Editions 18 is particularly exciting as it is the debut of the new Tacit Galleries in Collingwood.

In keeping with the inky analogy, I'm looking forward to twisting the cap off the 2018 tube and applying the first squeeze to some intensive studio time, developing more collagraphic work for my solo exhibition in March.  I have started posting on Instagram some works-in-progress as well as some past, personal favourites.

In the meantime, I hope that you have a peaceful and refreshing remainder of the summer/holiday break.

From Editions 18
Copyright ©  2017       Peter Garnick Art Photography      All rights reserved.