Editions 2016 – Encore

By |8th Feb, 2016|

Tacit Contemporary Art’s annual survey of Victorian printmaking opens this week.  Here is the second of my three etchings that join the work of 43 other artists.

January 2016 E-News #1

By |26th Jan, 2016|

Editions 2016

By |19th Jan, 2016|

In February each year, Tacit Contemporary Art hosts Editions, the largest survey of Victorian printmaking. I was privileged to be part of Editions 2015 and am very pleased to have been invited back […]

Luminous Ink 2015

By |1st Nov, 2015|

I was privileged to curate an exhibition of seven photographers working in the medium of photogravure.  The wide range of subject matter spanned the spectrum from natural history to the abstract; […]

Human Nature II 2015

By |1st Sep, 2015|

My June 2014 exhibition Déjà-Views at Tacit Contemporary Art featured photogravure reproductions of the ‘greatest hits’ from past photographic shows. Déjà-Views was the first plateau in the ascent from photograph-to-etching-press […]

Celebrating Swinburne’s Significant Women

By |6th Mar, 2015|

Swinburne University, an Employer of Choice for Women, commissioned portraits of 20 women as part of their celebration of International Women’s Day 2015.  The brief was to capture imagery of […]

Déjà-Views 2014

By |1st Jun, 2014|

Déjà-Views are a fruitful blending of my ‘signature’ construction site imagery with the technique of Photogravure that had recently entered my repertoire. Twenty-first-century construction-scapes are realised through the nineteenth-century Photogravure printing […]

Swinburne AMDC

By |1st Feb, 2014|

I create artistic photo-documentaries of major construction, architecture and engineering projects.

Swinburne University of Technology’s state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre (AMDC) is a hub of excellence in manufacturing and design […]

Swinburne University – ATC Mural

By |22nd Dec, 2012|

The Advanced Technologies Centre is a contemporary statement about Swinburne’s eminent role in shaping the future and about the individuals creating that future. Swinburne’s capacity to play such a leadership […]

HUSH CD Project

By |5th Nov, 2011|

Hospital can be a scary place for children and families. Dr Catherine Crock is a physician and mother who knows this all too well, working with children with cancer at […]