Australian Print Workshop – PEER Program

By |2nd Dec, 2019|

Australian Print Workshop – PEER Program
2-16 December 2019

Since 2018 Australian Print Workshop’s PEER program has supported artists who make their work in the professional printmaking facilities of the APW Open Access Studio.  PEER is […]

Art@Marios 11-30 June 2019

By |15th May, 2019|

Rush Mode
11 – 30 June 2019

The prevalence of diverse art and food is among the many reasons that Jillian and I love living in Fitzroy.  Back in December we endeavoured […]

Medical History Museum Exhibition

By |19th Apr, 2019|

The Women’s: carers, advocates and reformers
18 April – 2 November 2019
Medical History Museum, Melbourne University
In 2008, I had the privilege of documenting the final days of Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital Carlton campus […]

Art @ 336 7-9 December 2018

By |19th Dec, 2018|

In the tradition of intimate exhibitions in private homes, we hosted a weekend show at our Fitzroy terrace house.  Friends and art fans joined us for a year-end drink and to […]

An Evolving Art Practice

By |29th Apr, 2018|

12-Year Restropective
23 April – 28 June 2018
Media House Gallery
Recently, I’ve been reconsidering the motivations behind my desire to make art. As a teenage photographer, I was as much infatuated with […]

Refuse @ Tacit Galleries

By |12th Mar, 2018|

Refuse is a series of 13 collagraphic prints and continues my experimentation with ink on roadside rubbish. The debut was at Melbourne’s Tacit Galleries in March 2018.

2018 Editions @ Tacit Galleries

By |22nd Dec, 2017|

For the fourth consecutive year, I have been invited to participate in Tacit Galleries’ annual survey of contemporary printmaking: Editions 2018.   The exhibition is 7-18 February and will feature the work of 54 […]

Footpath Fauna @ TACIT

By |3rd Nov, 2017|

Embedded in urban footpaths and trampled by a torrent of townsfolk, fossilised organisms lay dormant. Liberated they seek 3-dimensional destinies.

Footpath Fauna Artworks

Elements Exhibition @ TACIT

By |3rd Nov, 2017|

Elements pays homage to the fundamental role of Women in ensuring the survival of our species.

Faces of mature women are juxtaposed against the Periodic Table of Elements, which was developed […]

2017 Editions @ Tacit Contemporary Art

By |13th Jan, 2017|

For the third consecutive year, I was invited to participate in Tacit Contemporary Art’s annual survey of contemporary printmaking: Editions 2017.   The exhibition was 8-26 February and featured the work […]